Currently working on

Finding new clients! I can work with you on your digital strategy, digital branding, or social media. If you need a digital expert to work with you contact me; louise.mcgregorAToutlook.com.


I spent some time helping a startup, specifically looking into organisation structure and governance as part of their market research, I can’t more at the moment. If it comes to anything I’ll be able to post more. Maybe.

Previous Projects

Supporting SOCIAL MEDIA for zuidascares

Worked with the ZuidAsCares team to produce, publish and promote content around their donation drive in November. The donation drive collected 11,000 items of clothing, hygiene products, toys and baby items. All items were distributed via the Red Cross to refugees centres in the Netherlands, Italy and Greece. I did this as a volunteer, and really enjoyed working with a great team. After years in the corporate sector it felt good to work for a good cause. And Red Cross sent me the nicest thank you letter.

Social Media Training for an NGO

Highlights from a two day training programme I created for an NGO.

Life before Fantail

Before creating Fantail Consultancy I had also presented at several conferences around digital strategy, social media, and bringing social media inside your company with an enterprise social network. You can see some of those presentations on my slideshare account.