How can I help you?

minifigfriday - 1How can I help you?

By working with you on your digital presence.

How can I help you? – working with you on digital or social media strategy. Developing your presence online or building consensus for change within your company. Creating and delivering bespoke training on digital or social media. Supporting your research efforts as you build your strategy.

Digital is undoubtedly the transforming trend of society, the opportunities for all business and organisations moving into digital are very exciting. It’s a field I’ve loved working in for more than a decade.

I’ve re-launched websites, rolled out a re-branding for a global internet presences, deployed an enterprise social network that is delivering value to the company, handled domain name acquisition including the .eu launch. I have also written strategic guidelines on digital branding, domain name strategy and social media use. I started the corporate twitter account in 2010 and ran it for two years. More recently I’ve been the corporate social strategist rolling out social listening, social care and social publishing across a global company. (For more details see my LinkedIn profile).

I’ve also written my Changememe blog about technology, communications, innovation and leadership since 2008. And I’ve spoken at conferences across Europe about the digital world.

I set up Fantail Consultancy based on a desire to help companies, NGOs and individuals understand and improve their online presence.

Let’s have coffee and discuss.


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