Fan Tales

Fan TalesI got a big thank you for working on a presentation this week. I took a rough draft of a presentation about creative writing and created a final version, including adding slide transitions and loops as this will be used as a background screen at an event.

Top three tips for presentations, particularly when used as backgrounds;

  • go big on images; you will have a much stronger impact with a single dramatic image than with a small image, clipart, or lots of text. You want the image to be eye catching, so pick something unique or unusual. I usually source my images from Flickr, but there are dozens of options.
  • minimise text; it’s a billboard, you need to think of how much text people can pick up as they walk past. Make sure each word is working to deliver your message.
  • time the transitions carefully, as a rough guide I use six seconds for no/low text up to 10 seconds for longer texts. If you need more than 10 seconds to read the text reduce the amount of text. Have someone else look at the final presentation with timings to see whether you’ve given readers enough time to read any text.

To summarise;


Image; Botero | Michel Estaban |  CC BY-NC 2.0


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