Digital Dispatch 10

Digital Dispatch

The News

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-13-55-26Twitter is still for sale, with both Salesforce and Disney confirming that the company is “not for them”. In both cases Twitter’s long term failure to address the trolling and abuse on the platform made it an unattractive option.

Samsung is trying to respond to the crisis of the self-combusting phone in smart ways. They’re supporting a phone recall with a $100 offer if you stick with a Samsung and in Australia you can exchange your phone at some airports (airlines are refusing to allow the phones on board).

Tip of the week

Tips on providing customer service on social media. Best advice = listen.

Platform developments

Facebook gets more ads – coming soon to groups, and improves their ad placement option.

Instagram adds a desktop version for Windows PCs – but not for all devices.

LinkedIn adds features to their mobile app – including saving articles to read for later.

Social Media; the fab and the flawed

I’m focusing on social care this week.

Nike wins on social care, their responsiveness beats their competitors and wins loyalty.

A great example of customer care, and yes of course there is a PR win from it. A coffee company created a positive surprise on social media and IRL (in real life).

Social care has the potential to help government agencies, even unpopular ones like the TSA. It’s worth listening to the podcast to hear the lessons learnt from day one of the pilot to now.

From my blog

I reviewed How to Fly a Horse, a book aimed at encouraging creative results with surprisingly little equine info.

And I got a little ranty about paywalls, specifically those protecting stories generated from twitter. Please; just stop it.


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