Re-share on Facebook

When you’re the manager of a Facebook page for your company or organisation you may want to also share their  posts on your personal Facebook page, it’s an easy way of increasing the audience who sees your content. This is very easy to do in three steps.

Step 1; click on “share” below any published post

I started from the page I manage, indicated by the heart avatar. But the same process works on any post from any starting point.


Step 2; Click on “Share on your own Timeline”


Step 3; Write your comment and click on “post”

You can see  that this is going to be shared to my timeline in the top bar of the window, in the lower bar you can see that this will be posted to a public audience.


The same steps will work for any published post, you can also pick up a post from another publisher and re-share it to a page you manage following the same three steps. Remember to check the top bar of the window at step 3 to make sure you’re publishing to the right place.

Hope that’s helpful – leave a comment if there’s something that’s not clear or to nominate a subject for the next tip!


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