Digital Dispatch 9

Digital Dispatch

The News

Facebook launched Workplace worldwide, with a three-month free trial, low pricing and free for non-profits Facebook is clearly aiming to clean up the enterprise social network market. You can sign up now to try it. They’ve publicly stated that they’re focusing on growth for now so expect monetisation schemes in the future.

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-16-09-10Salesforce have partnered with Einstein for their AI initiatives. More accurately they’ve licensed the use of his image name and quotes for their marketing. It’s a genius move. According to Adweek “Salesforce is plugging AI into all of its products … to make them a little smarter the more you use them”, which is good news for users. I’ve used Salesforce products in the past and they need to get better, a lot better, to support the promised business results.

FastCompany showcased the Innovation by Design Awards. The winners are all inspirational and cover every industry showing just how important design is in our lives. From the Dutch company Fairphone, to concept microhousing from nArchitects, to the IKO prosthetic systems, scroll through the full list of entries for even more inspiration.

Tip of the week

Five tech tools for content marketers, these are more technical than I usually write about, going into SEO in detail, or marketing to influencers or researchers. I’m off to try out Blinkist, a tool that gives you summaries of books, could be a good way to find my next business read.

Platform developments

The data is in on Instagram Stories, they’re already touted as a big success. I’ve had a lot of fun creating them and I can see more users in my feed picking up on creating stories. However when I compare the stories views versus likes on my daily images I’m not sure that they’re engaging visitors as well. Let’s see in another two months what the usage is.

Twitter’s research shows the benefit of online customer care, reporting that companies with effective online care are able to charge a premium. This is great news; in the past we’ve tended to look at social care as a cost saver. Now it seems to be possible to think of it as a revenue driver.

Social Media; the fab and the flawed

Ten great examples of customer service that was so fab, the customers wrote about it online. All have a common theme, the staff have the authority to make the decisions quickly and deliver to the customers. Are your support teams able to earn this appreciation?

From my blog

If you’ve ever been in a project that lasted for ages without success but without failing quite badly enough to be stopped you’ve been in a zombie project. Have the courage to kill it next time.

I also reviewed the book of the month for September, a little late. It’s a collection of innovator’s stories with clues for how you can deliver more creativity – making the great point that we judge creativity by the results. How to Fly a Horse has won awards and it’s a good read for anyone who finds themselves “stuck”.


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