Digital Dispatch 8

Digital Dispatch

The News

Artificial Intelligence (AI), seen as the Next Big Thing in digital, or the world’s biggest existential threat, now some of the biggest players in the field have teamed up to form a Partnership on AI. It seems to be a think tank, let’s see what research comes out of it.

Tip of the week

How many types of content do you use? Here’s a list of 72 content types to get you started. I’ll be blogging about creating a content guide and how to combine some of these.

Platform developments

Moments are now available for everyone on Twitter, to create a moment click on the “moments” tab from your profile page on the desktop version. It’s pretty simple to see the steps you need to take, it’s like a mini-storify that will sit on your twitter profile, and be tweeted. There’s no time expiry on them, unlike Instagram stories. Here’s one I made earlier. Best use – news and events.

Linkedin is undergoing a re-design, including adding message features. The design is cleaner and in line with the mobile experience.

Facebook could be coming to an office near you. If you’re looking at collaboration or sharing platforms I’d be very wary of adopting this, I can see a number of issues including some specific to EU legislation.

Social Media; the fab and the flawed

Louise Delage Instagram SuccessWhen an overnight Instagram success turns out to be a public service announcement  people feel duped – but does it change behaviour?

The campaign has been revealed and we now know that Louise Delage was a fake account set up to show us why we might be missing the alcohol problems of those close to us. It was cleverly done, and the video expose has already (in three days) gained about a quarter of a million views, however most of the comments on the YouTube video seem to have missed the point.

From my blog

A little rant about the surprise of honesty in today’s world.

I’m busy looking for work this week – updating CV, LinkedIn, other profiles and generally getting word out there. Need an interim manager or a digital expert? Hire me!


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