Digital Dispatch 7

Digital Dispatch

The News

All the major platforms are struggling with the issue of online abuse, apparently the relative anonymity of the online environment has made us, the user community, forget our manners. Online abuse is pervasive across all platforms. Twitter, often portrayed as the root of all the online issues, seems to be stepping up and taking complaints seriously. The UK Labour party, going through a particularly combative period, is putting stringent rules in place . Instagram has a partial solution, allowing users to filter responses based on keywords. Businesses must sure they have community guidelines, monitor for issues, and act on complaints.

Tip of the week

Struggling to come up with content? Here are 47 blog ideas to try, I really like #3, you could make it a series based on the real “FAQ”.

Platform developments

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-16-00-22SnapChat is now Snap Inc, and has pivoted their business into wearables with a release of sunglasses.

Flickr is closing down their marketplace, the option that aimed to secure payment for Flickr contributors. It simply hasn’t worked.

Twitter stretches the 140 character limit; hashtags and media links won’t count to the total any more. We’ve come a long way from using URL shorteners and searching for comprehensible abbreviations.

Social Media; the fab and the flawed

Qantas have either improved the out of office message or made it a whole lot worse depending on your point of view. You can now connect your out of office to your Instagram account and automatically add your holiday images. Could you use the same technique to share campaign images via email responses?

From my blog

What goes wrong when globalisation and digital collide? I think it can be explained by the economic theory of Externalities.


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