Digital Dispatch 6

Digital Dispatch

The News

Facebook made headlines by censoring an iconic photo, that one of napalm victim Kim Phuc running her face contorted in fear and pain. Facebook’s reason? In the photo Kim Phuc is not wearing any clothes. They’ve since reversed their decision and allowed the photo to be published on Facebook. But it raises the question of editorship in the news we see, as more people consume news online and on social media.

Tip of the week

Bots can be an important tool in supporting customer service; here are three tools that let you build your own bot. Good news, you can build a bot for free.

Platform developments

LinkedIn has introduced conversion tracking – great news for business users.

Facebook launched their own guide about going global.

DIGITAL; the fab and the flawed

AdWeek awards the best campaigns of the year – it’s a great list and includes activations online and in social media. It also adds budget indications, you can’t buy much in the way of a campaign for under a million.

Virtual Reality is the next level of digital experience allowing your be inside another world. It’s breaking out of it’s geek stereotype – here’s the world’s first VR ballet from the Dutch National Ballet

From my blog

It’s five years since the EU passed legislation on cookies, and the implementation varies with most sites not giving you the option to opt out of the most annoying advertising cookies. Here’s my take on the Cookie Nightmare.

Most large companies have sponsorship agreements with sports teams, cultural organisations or events, but how do you chose a sponsorship that makes sense? I was inspired by the Dutch national train company’s choice of sponsorship.



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